Yes, I guess…

I’m not one to normally get caught watching a contemporary “romantic comedy” let alone one that stars Ryan Reynolds. To be honest I feel like he, Ryan Gosling and Dane Cook circa 2005-2006 all play “that (nonthreatening, sarcastic, cocky, misunderstood, good hearted, smart ass, semi douche) guy”. So that usually means if “that guy” is in the movie, I’m not watching it. (Hey, John Krasinski aka Jim from the Office I’m talking to you too! ) OK, With my diatribe out of the way, on to the point.

The movie Definitely, Maybe with Ryan Reynolds briefly shows the Bruce Hannah and Andrew Morrisson’s Model 2011, Knoll Chair. Designed for Knoll in 1971 and produced from 1972- 1977, it’s pleasantly refreshing to see, since it wasn’t produced for very long. Home 114 in New York has a polished aluminum pair for $6800 and there’s a white pair on Ebay for $3250… The plus side to the Ebay one is, there’s an option to make an offer…  Bargain!

With it’s clean lines and the Barcelona Chair being EVERYWHERE, I think it’s only a matter of time before DWR or Hive get these back into production…


Still in peaceful dreams, I see the road leads back to you

Brace yourself this is about to get a little nerdy, but that’s why you’re here right? The biopic Ray about legend Ray Charles has designs I want to nerd out about.

The first piece is Paul Mccobb’s lounge chair (mid left of above photo).  I believe that this chair is part of the Calvin line.  Paul Mccobb’s prices in the past few years are a bit all over the place.  I personally prefer the Calvin’s lines to the more commonly seen Planner Group that you can get for a pretty fair price on ebay or craigslist. Oliver on 1stdibs currently has a pair for $4200. It cracks me up that they have it described as “fabric is clean, but ugly”, way to finesse a sale guys! But, I do applaud their honesty. I found a prettier version but it’s sold

So now for the second design.  On my first glance I instantly thought check out the pair Kofod Larsen chairs.  Then I looked closer and it looked all kinds of wrong. The pair of chairs are actually by Kodawood based out of Miami. There are subtle differences in the back supports of the Larsen chairs vs the Kodawood, as well as the two-toned lower leg detail.  I’m hoping this mention will help anyone who may be purchasing what they hope to be REAL Larsen pieces.  I haven’t been able to find any exact versions of the  Kodawood chairs from Ray, but I have found a single Larsen at Tom Gibbs Studio for $775.

The unupholstered pair are Kofod Larsen from Pegboard Modern and the teal upholstered pair (sold) are the Kodawood. Personally I prefer the Kodawood, but it could just be that the upholstery color is my favorite.