Starved and Hungry for Mid Century Modern

So after taking MANY months off I finally have a new post and one about a current movie to boot… We went to see The Hunger Games tonight and though I haven’t read the books I figured why not join the bandwagon.  As always, while engaged in the fantasy, I was completely distracted when two of my favorite pieces popped on the screen. This sighting was even more distracting than Lenny Kravitz’s gold eyeshadow.  I first saw the De Sede’s DS600 Non Stop Sofa (aka the Never Ending Sofa).  Designed by Ueli Berger,Elenora Peduzzi-Riva and Heinz Ulrich, manufactured by De Sede and Distributed by Stendig.  This originally came in many different colors and sizes (I’m a fan of the white and orange), but a black one like in the movie can be found in Florida at Galere for $17,500.  I believe these are still being made and last time I checked it was something insane like $1000 a section.  The good thing about this is that it unzips which makes shipping a bit easier.

Since the movie JUST came out finding photos are a little difficult so I may need to repost another photo later. The second piece I saw was the Elda Armchair by Joe Colombo.  Named for Colombo’s wife, this chair like the DS 600 is actually really comfortable. There’s a pair available in France just like the one in the movie.  For $20,115, shipping fees and maybe a little customs this lovely pair can be yours.  The only thing about this chair that’s ALWAYS distracted me is that it reminds me of the guts of a tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back. I’ll leave that to you to google on your own for a photo if you don’t already have that image in your head. Hope I didn’t ruin the Elda for anyone….


Hitmen must make good money…




The Mechanic with Jason Statham has one of my favorite lamps of all time in it.  Laurel’s mushroom floor lamp is incredibly elegant yet really fun and pop at the same time.  The thing about this lamp is that the shade is frosted glass and can break over time which makes these lamps a bit pricey when trying to find one in great condition.  If you hunt long enough and wait you can probably find one for a few hundred dollars – give or take otherwise if you don’t want to wait Nick Brock Antiques has a white base version for $850.  Red Modern Furniture has a pair of chrome base ones for $2600 for the pair.  So far I’ve found pairs to go for about $2600 to $3500.

Jason’s vintage desk chair is Charles Pollock’s 1965 Executive Chair, sometimes considered to be one of Knoll’s most memorable designs. Having had these chairs personally I can tell you they’ve a pretty great and a comfortable chair.  If you go the vintage route which I prefer you can find these on ebay or craigslist for a pretty fair price, sometimes under $100.   If you go the new route say on Hive Modern they start at $1700. The vintage ones have 4 leg star base and the newer model has 5 leg base.


It’s Oh Sooo Quiet….

 So I had another post planned, but realized new shows are dropping like flies, so I better post about the new show I’m secretly watching.  Whitney on NBC had one of my most favorite pieces of ALL TIME on the third episode Silent Treatment.  I’m a sucker for vintage white molded fiberglass pieces and Don Harvey’s cast screen/room dividers are insanely gorgeous. Thomas Hayes Gallery sold the set shown above but Dual has a single screen available for $9800. Since these were produced in the 1960′s finding them might be a bit difficult.