Girls… Girls… Girls… ( in the tune of Motley Crue)

I can not believe that I watch this show. I don’t like any of the characters and I feel annoyed after watching it.  I feel this way because I probably acted a lot like these GIRLS in my early 20′s (after college) when I first moved to New York. It’s like looking at the parts of a diary that you have forgotten that have happen and pray you’ve grown past.

Hannah and Marnie’s apartment have worthy mentionable pieces.  Nothing too crazy, but noteworthy nonetheless. The green fiberglass chair in the living room is by Lawrence Peabody.  There’s a bit of debate on the attribution between Peabody and Luther Conover, so if you’re on the mission look up both names. There are a few bases differences which can affect the price. They range all over the place but $200-$400 seems pretty fair depending on the color and condition.  Note, this is NOT an EAMES chair… So do not pay $2100, for this….

In the same room there are 2 lights.  The floor lamp is Laurel and these can be found for about $599 but don’t be surprised to see them offered for over $2000 on other sites.

The AWESOME orange hanging light is a little harder to come by.  Originally designed in 1968 by Anders Pehrson, these are still in production but not easily attainable in the states. They are made in limited runs in a few colors and can be ordered here.

Thank God the season is over and I can try to forget about what a self indulged twit I was in my 20′s. I’m just hoping that GIRLS doesn’t do for dumb ass annoying behavior what Sex and the City did for Cosmopolitans and Manolo Blahniks.

Backpack, Eagle, Princeton and Flamingo

In anticipation of Aaron Sorkin’s latest series, Newsroom, starting June 24 on HBO, We’ve recently attempted to watch The West Wing starting from the beginning.This is partially my reason for not posting as often… Too much watching, not enough typing.

To my great delight I spotted a set of Bob Josten’s cast back chairs in Season 2 Episode 13 (Bartlet’s Third State Of The Union). After a bit more research I found more of his pieces in a few other movies like Wayne’s World and Total Recall.  Josten’s work is a bit more obscure and pop up randomly on sites like Apartment Therapy and His work has a modern industrial feel and definitely leans to the 1980′s sci-fi idea of what the future would look like.

These Cast Back Chairs are no longer in production, I believe that some pieces were produced for the International Commercial Furniture Inc and the rest were done by Robert Josten and associates, which from what I can find was Josten and two other craftsman producing the pieces themselves in Southern California. These would have been made sometime between the 1980′s- part of the 1990′s. These cast back chairs are wonderfully juxtaposed with the sand cast aluminum and carved maple seats. Rumor has it, that an independent company has access to the original designs and possibly the patent and are in discussion for reissuing part of the line.  My main hope there is that since Mr Josten is still alive I hope he’s going to get a HUGE cut from that profit. I am always torn when designs are reissued so we’ll see what happens.

Ventura currently has a set of 4 with a cast console table for $3800 and Downtown has a pair and the cast table for $5500.

So far we’re at season 3 and if there’s anyone out there who would like to participate in a nerdy round of West Wing Trivia we’re looking for players!

Powered By Innovation Guided By Integrity

Following up with my Mark Romanek “stalker series” of postings I get to write about Madonna, who’s one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure artists. Unfortunately the song “Rain” is one of my least favorite Madonna songs.  When I hear this song I spontaneously roll my eyes, and convulse like a cat puking, while desperately wanting to grab whatever’s in arm’s reach to shove into my ears. Dramatics aside, this video is actually reallllly gorgeous and if I couldn’t still “hear” the song while watching the video on mute I wouldn’t mind it as a background video in a trendy bar/fancy bathroom.  Ok, back to the point.

There are 15 Marc Newson Lockheed Lounges made and one is in the “Rain” video. The Lockheed Lounge, created in the mid 1980′s in part from a grant from the Australian Craft’s Council and for Basecraft for Pod, Austrailia, it’s considered one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the world.  The prototype (white exposed fiberglass-reinforced resin feet) fetched over 2 million in 2010.  The edition of ten along with the four artist’s proofs have black rubber feet and have gone for over a million in recent years. The Lockheed Lounge is made of hammered aluminum over a fiberglass body.  As I mentioned in the previous Romanek/Jackson/Scream post that a miniature Big Easy Chair, was available, those crafty Vitra peeps have not let the Lockheed Lounge go unnoticed… A limited run of 500 are available for only $1365,  your Barbie could have a SICK dream house!