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Following up with my Mark Romanek “stalker series” of postings I get to write about Madonna, who’s one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure artists. Unfortunately the song “Rain” is one of my least favorite Madonna songs.  When I hear this song I spontaneously roll my eyes, and convulse like a cat puking, while desperately wanting to grab whatever’s in arm’s reach to shove into my ears. Dramatics aside, this video is actually reallllly gorgeous and if I couldn’t still “hear” the song while watching the video on mute I wouldn’t mind it as a background video in a trendy bar/fancy bathroom.  Ok, back to the point.

There are 15 Marc Newson Lockheed Lounges made and one is in the “Rain” video. The Lockheed Lounge, created in the mid 1980′s in part from a grant from the Australian Craft’s Council and for Basecraft for Pod, Austrailia, it’s considered one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the world.  The prototype (white exposed fiberglass-reinforced resin feet) fetched over 2 million in 2010.  The edition of ten along with the four artist’s proofs have black rubber feet and have gone for over a million in recent years. The Lockheed Lounge is made of hammered aluminum over a fiberglass body.  As I mentioned in the previous Romanek/Jackson/Scream post that a miniature Big Easy Chair, was available, those crafty Vitra peeps have not let the Lockheed Lounge go unnoticed… A limited run of 500 are available for only $1365,  your Barbie could have a SICK dream house!