Rising from some dark nights

You will have to forgive the incredibly muddy photo and will have to trust me that I’m right.  The Dark Knight Rises has 2 designers featured in Fox’s office.  The black leather Fredericia sofa is by Borge Mogensen and can be found at the Artful Dodger Inc for $5500.

Christian Bale / Bruce Wayne sits in Hans Olsen rosewood and leather lounge chairs. These are a bit harder to come by but should be in the $4800 range for a pair (depending on the condition and location).




Resting on my Laurels

This week has been a bit hectic and rather than not post anything I’m going to stretch this into two parts. I’ve previously posted about Down With Love, and will be again fairly soon, Talk about SLACK- O-LACKIN…..

Catcher Block’s bachelor pad has two wonderful Laurel lamps.  Laurel most recognizable for the mushroom lamp, has some of the best lamp designs, only to be rivaled by some Italian companies of this time period. This “brutalist” abstract lamp was designed by Maurizio Tempestini. Like many mid century pieces these are priced ALL OVER THE PLACE. I’ve found this lamp for $625 at Manly Vintage Chicago and another one on EBAY, but they have an option to make them an offer and they include free shipping. (I’d offer them $450)


Modern Living Supplies has a double bulb pair for $4600 and Astor Place (in London) has a pair for $6500.

That $625 isn’t looking so bad huh…


Paulin,Plycraft, and Stark

Ok, so I have to admit, I’m not the biggest Ironman fanatic.  Maybe if I was 8 then it might turn into some unhealthy obsession like Star Wars has for me, but back to the point of this and why you’re reading any of this… Ironman 2 has one of my favorite designers chair.  Pierre Paulin’s Pumpkin chair shown in light gray/off white is not a typical mid century vintage piece.   It was originally designed in 1971 for the private apartments of Claude & Georges Pompidou at the Elysée Palace and has been produced by Ligne Roset for the past few years. I haven’t found any of them for resale but you can contact Ligne Roset directly for prices.

What I’m kind of puzzled about is the Plycraft lounge chair, often mistaken for the Eames 670 Lounge Chair. I wouldn’t call Tony Stark a humble character so to see a vintage Plycraft lounge was kind of a head scratcher… like… Hey Tony couldn’t drop a few more dollars for the real mccoy?  I guess billionaires like deals too?!? Maybe it’s a sentimental piece??? But now I’m stretching.  You can find these chairs with or without the ottoman pretty frequently. The color of the wood and upholstery varies along with prices. I personally wouldn’t pay more than a few hundred for one, but it’s still a solid chair and It’s actually a better way to go than getting a New Eames knock off.