2 Broke To Buy 2 Tables


CBS’s 2 Broke Girls and NBC’s Whitney have a few things in common.  1st – Whitney Cummings (creator of both shows) and 2nd -  G Plan’s Astro Cocktail / Coffee table. I wonder if that was intentional or just laziness?  The great thing about this table is that it can look chic and a bit upscale in the Whitney apt or low key and hip in the Brooklyn 2 Broke Girls apartment. Versatility!

You can find this example for $300 on Etsy right now or……

$2800 for an oval version at Stellar Union

Laverne and Shirley … I mean those 2 Broke Girls, Max and Caroline should try to sell their table so they won’t be so broke.






It’s Oh Sooo Quiet….

 So I had another post planned, but realized new shows are dropping like flies, so I better post about the new show I’m secretly watching.  Whitney on NBC had one of my most favorite pieces of ALL TIME on the third episode Silent Treatment.  I’m a sucker for vintage white molded fiberglass pieces and Don Harvey’s cast screen/room dividers are insanely gorgeous. Thomas Hayes Gallery sold the set shown above but Dual has a single screen available for $9800. Since these were produced in the 1960′s finding them might be a bit difficult.