Happy New You!

MCM NERD got a new look for 2012. Last year we met a lot of new friends and look forward to meeting more this year.  We’re excited for the new year and have been watching lots of TV, so LUCKY YOU!

I love Shirley Maclaine, Paul Frankl, and Paul Laszlo…… and all three are in the 2005 Cameron Diaz movie, In Her Shoes.  The dresser is Paul Frankl for Brown Saltman.  design / one in San Diego has a refinished one for $4200.  I personally really like the honey/blonde vintage wood that was prevalent in the Fifties and Sixties, though the darker walnut tones are handsome against the brass hardware. I found another one for $1500 on ebay… Gotta love ebay.

The living room chairs are Paul Laszlo.  I found a pair at Red Modern Furniture for $4800.

The dining table is Paul Laszlo.  I found the whole set (with the complimentary chairs- not used in the film) at Off The Wall Antiques. It looks like everyone’s on the same track with ebonizing/refinishing the blond wood… Which color do you prefer???