Girls… Girls… Girls… ( in the tune of Motley Crue)

I can not believe that I watch this show. I don’t like any of the characters and I feel annoyed after watching it.  I feel this way because I probably acted a lot like these GIRLS in my early 20′s (after college) when I first moved to New York. It’s like looking at the parts of a diary that you have forgotten that have happen and pray you’ve grown past.

Hannah and Marnie’s apartment have worthy mentionable pieces.  Nothing too crazy, but noteworthy nonetheless. The green fiberglass chair in the living room is by Lawrence Peabody.  There’s a bit of debate on the attribution between Peabody and Luther Conover, so if you’re on the mission look up both names. There are a few bases differences which can affect the price. They range all over the place but $200-$400 seems pretty fair depending on the color and condition.  Note, this is NOT an EAMES chair… So do not pay $2100, for this….

In the same room there are 2 lights.  The floor lamp is Laurel and these can be found for about $599 but don’t be surprised to see them offered for over $2000 on other sites.

The AWESOME orange hanging light is a little harder to come by.  Originally designed in 1968 by Anders Pehrson, these are still in production but not easily attainable in the states. They are made in limited runs in a few colors and can be ordered here.

Thank God the season is over and I can try to forget about what a self indulged twit I was in my 20′s. I’m just hoping that GIRLS doesn’t do for dumb ass annoying behavior what Sex and the City did for Cosmopolitans and Manolo Blahniks.

Resting on my Laurels

This week has been a bit hectic and rather than not post anything I’m going to stretch this into two parts. I’ve previously posted about Down With Love, and will be again fairly soon, Talk about SLACK- O-LACKIN…..

Catcher Block’s bachelor pad has two wonderful Laurel lamps.  Laurel most recognizable for the mushroom lamp, has some of the best lamp designs, only to be rivaled by some Italian companies of this time period. This “brutalist” abstract lamp was designed by Maurizio Tempestini. Like many mid century pieces these are priced ALL OVER THE PLACE. I’ve found this lamp for $625 at Manly Vintage Chicago and another one on EBAY, but they have an option to make them an offer and they include free shipping. (I’d offer them $450)


Modern Living Supplies has a double bulb pair for $4600 and Astor Place (in London) has a pair for $6500.

That $625 isn’t looking so bad huh…


Hitmen must make good money…




The Mechanic with Jason Statham has one of my favorite lamps of all time in it.  Laurel’s mushroom floor lamp is incredibly elegant yet really fun and pop at the same time.  The thing about this lamp is that the shade is frosted glass and can break over time which makes these lamps a bit pricey when trying to find one in great condition.  If you hunt long enough and wait you can probably find one for a few hundred dollars – give or take otherwise if you don’t want to wait Nick Brock Antiques has a white base version for $850.  Red Modern Furniture has a pair of chrome base ones for $2600 for the pair.  So far I’ve found pairs to go for about $2600 to $3500.

Jason’s vintage desk chair is Charles Pollock’s 1965 Executive Chair, sometimes considered to be one of Knoll’s most memorable designs. Having had these chairs personally I can tell you they’ve a pretty great and a comfortable chair.  If you go the vintage route which I prefer you can find these on ebay or craigslist for a pretty fair price, sometimes under $100.   If you go the new route say on Hive Modern they start at $1700. The vintage ones have 4 leg star base and the newer model has 5 leg base.