I drink the honey inside your hive


Typically I only post about a tv show or movie, but I can make an exception when I have a trifecta of an AMAZING director, song and design.

Mark Romanek has created some of my favorite music videos and NIN’s Closer is up there in my top 10. He’s actually got three of my favorite 10, but back to the point. Closer uses the Cherner chair (Norman Cherner for Plycraft) which borrows heavily from George Nelson’s Pretzel Chair design but much sturdier in form.  Because I’m biased and prefer furniture with a bit of age and patina I would go with a vintage Cherner Armchair over the newer model which I find to have a bit of an artificial tone. Again, just a personal call. Vintage ones will run about $1200 (on Ebay and 1st Dibs) and the new (still in production) model is just over $1000 depending on the color and unupostered/upholstered version.

Warren Platner’s Lounge chair (1962) is another beloved piece. This can be found new at DWR, starting a little over $5000.  Vintage ones are ALL over in price.  If you can snag one for under a grand you’ve got yourself a bargin…

Last but not least is the Panasonic TR-005 Orbital TV.  Created in the early 1970′s, you can get one on V&M for $450 or you can camp out on Ebay where I’ve seen them in the $100-$700 range.  I believe the last Rago Auction had one estimated at $1200.  This is a great piece that though tv’s are much fancier with a much clearer picture, the design and style of this is still so great I just love to have it sitting on our bookshelf.