Catch these if you can

So before Mad Men injected us with the first major WAVE of Fifties (early sixties) Fever and the non cable networks jumping on the (way too late) bandwagon of nostalgia (more style over substance programming) with The Playboy Club (CANCELLED) and Pan AM, which I prefer to put on mute and just look at the clothing… Catch Me If You Can, with Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abignale Jr was a great appetizer of what was to come.

If you’re a fan of Eero Saarinen’s Tulip design and you need some side table speakers, the KLH Model Twenty-Plus is the one for you.  Inside Frank’s house I spotted a set. I JUST missed a set that was listed on Ebay last week.  I’m always on the hunt for these!!! They don’t come up very often and so I can’t really gauge the value and pricing.  Saarinen side tables run close to that range so this isn’t too bad since they serve double purpose.  Talk about a great conversation piece!