What Would An Angel Say, The Devil Wants To Know

I’m kind of dying to know where and how Mark Romanek found someone’s 1970′s sex den to film Fiona Apple’s Criminal video. No, actually let me rephrase that. I’m amazed that this is most likely someone’s REAL home and not a staged set and HELLO, this video was shot in 1997 and someone was still rockin the crazy porno wood paneling and shag carpet. I should also clarify that a friend has pointed out that I may be, possibly inadvertently, recreating this “look” in my own home… to that I say “Hells Yeah I Am!”

There are so many pieces to list I’ll try to make this as short and sweet as possible.  First off The Le Corbusier LC2 Chair designed in 1928 by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, is kind of the Louis Vuitton of chairs (for me). There are so many copies, and they are getting better at knocking them off it’s kind of hard to tell at first glance if it’s real or not.  The authentic Cassina version is about $4600 but you can score the fakes for about $100 and up.

The Le Corbusier LC1 is next on this furniture pornopalooza tour. A pair from the 1960′s can be found for $2900 at Pegboard Modern or if your Barbie or progressive GI Joe (with Kung Fu Grip) is looking for something for the dream house Vitra has the miniature for $350.

Next, is Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen’s Series 7, Model 3207.  This is the runner up to my previous LV comment… What’s that saying, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Yeah it’s also stealing, but whatever…

Some Victor Vasarely prints to stare at…before we enter full blown nerdom and self satisfaction of information only another furniture dweeb would twitch with delight over.

The Tucroma Chair designed in 1972 by Guido Faleschini for Pace Collection Furniture Company.  This can be found for about $995 and up per chair. Don’t worry I’m almost done only 3 more to go…

There are a few variations to this mirror.  Turner made a smaller version and RAM out of Michigan seems to have the market on the 36 Bubble Pattern. These can be found on Ebay for a few hundreds.

Kirsch-Hamilton’s Aurora clock is amazing and these photos do not do it any justice. The original color from the 1970′s dull over time. Luckily I found a company that repairs these. It’s about $225 to replace the motor and LED light that brightens the ambient mood light. Granted that’s about the going rate for the clock, but I have seen them for as much as $1200.

And the final piece, the one that proves I have a full blown obsession.  I saw the corner of the credenza in the video and even though it was for a sec and the whole piece isn’t shown in the video, here it is. Circa 1970 for Pace. Tom Gibbs Studio has one listed for $7500.

So that’s it. If you’ve continued to read you’re as obsessed as I am, or atleast getting there.  And down the rabbit hole we go…










I drink the honey inside your hive


Typically I only post about a tv show or movie, but I can make an exception when I have a trifecta of an AMAZING director, song and design.

Mark Romanek has created some of my favorite music videos and NIN’s Closer is up there in my top 10. He’s actually got three of my favorite 10, but back to the point. Closer uses the Cherner chair (Norman Cherner for Plycraft) which borrows heavily from George Nelson’s Pretzel Chair design but much sturdier in form.  Because I’m biased and prefer furniture with a bit of age and patina I would go with a vintage Cherner Armchair over the newer model which I find to have a bit of an artificial tone. Again, just a personal call. Vintage ones will run about $1200 (on Ebay and 1st Dibs) and the new (still in production) model is just over $1000 depending on the color and unupostered/upholstered version.

Warren Platner’s Lounge chair (1962) is another beloved piece. This can be found new at DWR, starting a little over $5000.  Vintage ones are ALL over in price.  If you can snag one for under a grand you’ve got yourself a bargin…

Last but not least is the Panasonic TR-005 Orbital TV.  Created in the early 1970′s, you can get one on V&M for $450 or you can camp out on Ebay where I’ve seen them in the $100-$700 range.  I believe the last Rago Auction had one estimated at $1200.  This is a great piece that though tv’s are much fancier with a much clearer picture, the design and style of this is still so great I just love to have it sitting on our bookshelf.



Catch these if you can

So before Mad Men injected us with the first major WAVE of Fifties (early sixties) Fever and the non cable networks jumping on the (way too late) bandwagon of nostalgia (more style over substance programming) with The Playboy Club (CANCELLED) and Pan AM, which I prefer to put on mute and just look at the clothing… Catch Me If You Can, with Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abignale Jr was a great appetizer of what was to come.

If you’re a fan of Eero Saarinen’s Tulip design and you need some side table speakers, the KLH Model Twenty-Plus is the one for you.  Inside Frank’s house I spotted a set. I JUST missed a set that was listed on Ebay last week.  I’m always on the hunt for these!!! They don’t come up very often and so I can’t really gauge the value and pricing.  Saarinen side tables run close to that range so this isn’t too bad since they serve double purpose.  Talk about a great conversation piece!