Starved and Hungry for Mid Century Modern

So after taking MANY months off I finally have a new post and one about a current movie to boot… We went to see The Hunger Games tonight and though I haven’t read the books I figured why not join the bandwagon.  As always, while engaged in the fantasy, I was completely distracted when two of my favorite pieces popped on the screen. This sighting was even more distracting than Lenny Kravitz’s gold eyeshadow.  I first saw the De Sede’s DS600 Non Stop Sofa (aka the Never Ending Sofa).  Designed by Ueli Berger,Elenora Peduzzi-Riva and Heinz Ulrich, manufactured by De Sede and Distributed by Stendig.  This originally came in many different colors and sizes (I’m a fan of the white and orange), but a black one like in the movie can be found in Florida at Galere for $17,500.  I believe these are still being made and last time I checked it was something insane like $1000 a section.  The good thing about this is that it unzips which makes shipping a bit easier.

Since the movie JUST came out finding photos are a little difficult so I may need to repost another photo later. The second piece I saw was the Elda Armchair by Joe Colombo.  Named for Colombo’s wife, this chair like the DS 600 is actually really comfortable. There’s a pair available in France just like the one in the movie.  For $20,115, shipping fees and maybe a little customs this lovely pair can be yours.  The only thing about this chair that’s ALWAYS distracted me is that it reminds me of the guts of a tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back. I’ll leave that to you to google on your own for a photo if you don’t already have that image in your head. Hope I didn’t ruin the Elda for anyone….