Are you Down?

So a few things.  If you don’t know who Eero Saarinen is, or that he designed the Womb Chair in the 1940′s and it’s one of the most OVERLY used chair in Modern design other than an Eames Lounge, we need to get you the Taschen 1000 Chairs book to start you at the basics… I mean no disrespect, but the Womb chair is a bit pedestrian… It’s almost as bad as people referencing Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the Little Black Dress. YES, it’s great and YES it’s become the standard of indicating “CLASSIC STYLE”, but let’s think outside the box a little….
But, with that being said, it is an amazingly comfortable and classic chair… SO I’ve chosen to to at least pick something that’s a bit different. Knoll textile doesn’t currently make Classic Boucle in pink, nor does it really have a GREAT pink textile to choose to do the Womb chair in so depending on your philosophy on using Knoll textiles on a Knoll piece you might have to bite the bullet and just do what you want (if you aren’t concerned about the resale value).

Ok, so back to the point of all this.  Down With Love has two of the most amazing PINK Womb chairs in it.  I then realized this is the second movie that I’ve chosen that has Ewan Mcgregor in it. 

You can go the vintage (reupholstered route) for $6000 or you can do the new one for $4400.  Either way don’t go with a FAKE one… ughhh just go find a COOL chair that’s got style and character, new and fake is horrible and can be spotted a mile away with anyone who’s really into design… interesting and unique is better than fake knockoff…

Also be careful if you’re going to have one reupholstered.  To do it the RIGHT way is SUPER SUPER tricky…. RESEARCH and make sure you get the right kind and amount of fabric and an upholsterer who KNOWS who do do a WOMB CHAIR otherwise you are wasting your money!

Side note, if you want a horse similar to the one on the table in the photo Jonathan Adler  THE KING of sampling good design (he’s a BETTER version of Vanilla Ice sampling Queen/Bowie’s Under Pressure for Ice Ice Baby).  He’s got GREAT stuff, but research Alexander Girard, Lisa Larson, Raymor, Herman Miller…  it’s all about information, education and opening your mind to what’s out there…